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    The majority of America will look like this in 2050 according to this one article. I call bullshit. Y’all saying dark skin will be nearly erased in 35 years? Please stop.

    And then my black male friend tried to debate with me that mixed people are all light skin.. Tf? Nigga one why is your default perception of mixed people always have to be poc-white? There are plenty of poc-poc mixed race people. And two just because someone is mixed with white doesn’t mean the child will come out light skinned. There is so much racism in this picture.

    i saw that article and I’ve been doing some research on it for a research paper in my genetics class; by the laws of genetics it makes sense. the demographic with the fastest increase thus far is black/white and hispanic/white which are both pretty heavily represented here. yes there are other mixes yes not all black/white people are light or dark, but a majority  of them are light.  when skin colour is being coded for there are 6 shades ranging from darkest tone to fairest.  When you mix black and white or brown and white in most  cases the result is brown to light.  it usually isn’t dark skin and it usually isn’t the palest. 
    secondly, dark skin won’t be erased but it won’t be as prominent because its being diluted. when you mix you are diluting skin tone. i don’t really see racism for once i see textbook genetics at work.  

    The majority of black and white mixed people are not white passing like this article is making it seem. I don’t know what Hispanic and white is because Hispanic people are white. Latinx and white may be what you’re referring to but then again Latinx isn’t a mix either because latinx is a ethnic group made up of all types of races.
    This article purposely excluded showing dark skin. Like not even one dark skin person is visible in this picture. Do you study genetics? Or is this knowledge you’re giving coming from writing one paper? The majority of this country is black and brown. White and lite skin are a minority in this country, so how can a minority group be the phenotype that is dominant? Explain that.

    lol ‘textbook genetics’. I guess it’s easy to confuse gene expression with paint mixing… None of us have to be experts to look at some of the most racially mixed populations in the world and see the genetic variation of skin colour and dominance of brown eyes. There will be a much higher percentage of people of mixed-race background than before in America but it’s important to understand and appreciate human diversity. The article paints the image that in 2050 the majority will have light brown skin and that a good portion will have hazel/green eyes but it’s obvious to anyone that not ALL Americans will look like that. I think certain types of people like to push that idea though because it makes them feel progressive ‘If only we could completely erase the concept of race by becoming one?’
    Well, we’re in luck because in 2050 this will happen worldwide. We’ll all wake up with the exact same amount of melanin in our skin (hopefully we’ll all be the same height too) and all of the cultural experiences that define us will merge into one. Race will no longer be an issue for any of us! Yes!!


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    It’s amazing how fast your mood can change after you step in some water with socks on.

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  7. Plants dont have feelings



    But they are pissed off anyways. Fuck you

    plants definitely have feelings tho

    Everything living has feelings


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    Watching season 5 of Breaking Bad and Skylar is still a miserable cow. I don’t see how it can be soo hard to be married to a meth cook and spend all of his druggie millions.

    She was being moral about the money. She wanted nothing to do with it and convinced herself…

    She can’t play Ms Morality when she cheated on your husband of 16 years before even giving him a chance to talk the situation through.
    Yeah I’d be pissed if I found out my husband had randomly become a criminal but I’d hope that after that much time together I’d consider what might’ve drove him to such actions.
    In the beginning she constantly emasculates him, sometimes over really stupid things. She talks AT him not to him, they find out that he has cancer and it’s like another burden for her so she goes against his wishes and asks his friends for money behind his back and was so dismissive of him whenever he said he’d find a way to pay for his treatment without asking for charity. Well he did find a way, not the best way at all lol but I think that’s why his character became so drawn into the crime. He loved how important he was for once and he was able to provide for his family and get some respect. Even his brother in law who talked to him like trash had to unknowingly compliment him, calling the meth guy he was trying to find was a ‘genius’.
    I’m not blaming her for everything but she’s definitely part of the problem and would never be willing to admit it because she’s such a martyr!!


  10. Anonymous asked: How would you purpose to someone?


    Ideally first I’d take my girl to a beyonce concert

    *Beyonce comes out* 

    Beyonce: Let me hear you say “Hey, Mrs.Broughton”

    *Beyonce winks at you while you turn around and see me on one knee*

    *The words “Is you tryna be the permanent bae” lights up in the background while Bey starts singing love on top*

    Omggggg perfection!! lmao


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    how to seduce me:

    • deposit 5000 dollars in my bank account
    • dont talk to me

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  15. I am insanely jealous of people who can wear both long and short haircuts.